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Teleradiology Scribe - Chicago Telerad

No need to ever come to the office or clinic

PAID ONGOING LONG TERM EXTERNSHIPS: Improve your chances of getting a medical residency!

PreMed Students in College: Excellent learn/work experience to improve your chances of getting into medical school!

This is much better than an observership or clerkship where you have to pay the school or the company to get clinical experience. Here we PAY YOU to learn and earn. And when it is time to apply for residency, we will write you a letter of recommendation!

Learn while you EARN and increase your chances of getting a medical residency in the United States or Canada!

Opportunity to increase your medical knowledge and learn Radiology.

Stump the other graduates and students during rotations and observerships with the secret knowledge of Radiologists that you will learn.

This knowledge can only be learned by working directly with Radiologists.

You can NOT learn this from books or videos.

Why learn Radiology?

Have the ability to talk about Radiology studies during rounds in an intelligent manner.

Be able to identify and intelligently discuss Radiology findings in the Emergency room.

Learn how to put your patient's disease process into context and know what is going on inside the patient.

Almost every patient entering the hospital will have a Radiology study of some sort.

Do you know how to understand the Radiologic findings?

Gain a skill in calling out Radiology findings that NONE of the international medical graduates know.

All of our students who have applied for residency spots have been asked about their teleradiology experience, especially for family practice, internal medicine and pediatrics residencies.

TeleRadiology: Help Radiologists create multiple emergency and trauma teleradiology reports including X-ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine!

GET PAID TO LEARN: Hourly pay plus learn and work from home!


Put your Medical knowledge to work in a fast paced and exciting TeleRadiology environment!

You will be learning with other CARIBBEAN Medical graduates in a remote HIPAA compliant environment from the comfort of your own home.

Practice is owned by a Caribbean medical graduate so we know what you are going through and are here to help you.

We perform emergency and trauma Tele-radiology cases from many locations.

You will be working with a US BOARD CERTIFIED RADIOLOGIST helping to create Emergency and Trauma Radiology reports.

Shifts are available 365 days per year. You are required to work 7 days in a row every other week. You will have a floating week in between your 7 days on.

Based on performance, you may be rewarded with additional shifts on your floating week for extra learning and income.

These days we are seeing many COVID 19 cases.

This is your chance to learn from the best and expand your medical knowledge.

We are looking exclusively for CARIBBEAN MEDICAL GRADUATES.

Your paid work with us can COUNT FOR US CLINICAL EXPERIENCE!

Letter of recommendation available for hardworking candidates.

How to apply for this position:

Write an email about why you would want this TeleRadiology opportunity to work from home and what you expect to LEARN from the TeleRadiology opportunity.

Attach the below documents in your response:

1. Complete current CV. Please make sure it is accurate and free from spelling errors

2. USMLE STEP 1, STEP2, STEP3 scores. If you have not taken all of your STEPS send the ones you have taken.

3. Complete medical school transcripts

4. Cellphone number we can reach you at for an interview. We conduct interviews between 1pm-4pm cst.

5. You must have NORMAL native pronunciation of native north American english and ability to write in north American vernacular. Accents will be difficult to work with.

6. Must have good typing skills. If you went to college in Canada or the United States before medical school you should be fine. Ability to work with basic software a plus. If you can log into your email and social media accounts and manage those you will easily be able to work with our software.

7. Who we accept: Caribbean Medical School graduates wanting to increase their chances of getting residency and Pre-Medical Students looking to increase their chances of getting into medical school. Our work/study experience can help in both of these situations.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please