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Medical Monitor Certification - CCRPS

MD, MBBS, IMG, FMG only*

Online, self-paced, start immediately, 2-4 week average completion time

Tuition: $595 2-4 month payment plans available

Medical monitors are physicians who are trained to review clinical trials. CCRPS primarily trains IMGs to work in various careers in the clinical trial industry. Physicians certified as medical monitors are trained to the senior clinical monitor/associate level and also have a medical degree. This allows them to properly review patient safety data, like adverse events, through EMRs and report back to the pharmaceutical company. Medical monitors are hired by CROs (contract research organizations) to provide medical expertise for quality, protocol review, patient's medical issues, and become key opinion leaders in the trial.

CCRPS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which provides industry-known in-depth 107 module medical monitor certification that overlaps in applying to roles as a clinical research associate, clinical research coordinator, clinical research monitor, and many others. Certification to this level allows you to have the competency to be easily promoted while within an organization.

Physicians with no prior experience can enroll in this certification course and start immediately.