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Medical Physicians Group - House Physician

For MDs and IMGs without a license, this is a great time to get a license during the COVID Pandemic. Many IMGs, MD graduates have been able to get a license without any residency experience during this COVID Pandemic so we will do our best to help you. We have two openings for a House Physician Trainee in Jacksonville, Florida. MD graduates and IMGs without a license can apply for a House Physician license with the Florida Board of Medicine after training with us. We have helped many trainees get a house physician license and get a temporary state license. One of our attending physician was a residency interviewer for two years and helped many unmatched applicants. We had programs paying us to train their students but decided to help MDs without a license get a license.

Please send your last full ERAS, ONE-page USMLE transcript that list all USMLE attempts, 3 LORs, and current CV to admin@medicalphysiciansgroup.com.

Please do NOT call our office number as we are preoccupied with patients.

This is a non-paid position.

Please read the instructions carefully.

Thank you,

Medical Physicians Group PLLC

email: admin@medicalphysiciansgroup.com

fax: 833-728-7733


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