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Startup School - Doc Space

Ready to be your own boss?

DocSpace is launching a special edition of DocSpace Startup School (SUS) to help unmatched medical graduates learn how to build, grow, and manage a virtual healthcare side-gig or business.

Get the tools and training you need to get started

- for $100.

What is Startup School?

A 4-week online course that will teach unmatched medical graduates step-by-step how to build a successful healthcare business.

We are the only online course that provides an integrated eCommerce storefront that is specifically built for starting, growing, and managing a virtual heatlhcare side-gig or business. Our goal is to have your side-gig or business built and ready to launch within 4-weeks or less - guaranteed!

At Startup School you can expect to:

  • Learn & work with a community of your peers, other unmatched medical grads seeking their financial autonomy

  • Get trained in one of several roles currently in-demand during this pandemic

  • Create and launch your own business website on DocSpace

  • Get marketed to physicians, businesses and other healthcare professionals seeking your talents

  • Ditch minimum wage & other grueling side jobs. Put your medical training to great use and make a difference!

The course begins June 1, 2020.



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