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CorTech is currently staffing for Contact Tracers throughout the state of Virginia! The job is a contract position for at least 6 months working 40 hours/week. The Contact Tracer is an entry-level public health professional responsible for identifying and contacting individuals who may have come in contact with persons recently diagnosed with an infectious disease associated with an outbreak or pandemic. CORE DUTIES: 1. Interviewing & Data Collection - Calls newly diagnosed patients and contacts of newly diagnosed patients to gather information and inform contacts of potential exposure. - Communicates with contacts in a professional, empathetic, and culturally sensitive manner. - Collects and records information on demographics, current symptoms, current health status, and possible high-risk settings into the Contact Tracing/Contact Information Management system. 2. Health Education - Provides contacts with approved information about state quarantine procedures, and if appropriate, refers them to testing according to protocol. - Following established procedures and/or script, the incumbent will inform contacts about the importance of quarantine and what to do if symptoms develop. - Provides contacts with relevant healthcare resources as appropriate. 3. Data Entry & Maintenance - Utilizes established database(s) to identify newly diagnosed patients and contacts for tracing efforts. - Inputs data collected (i.e. symptoms, contacts, etc.) into the database and assures database is kept up to date - Provides data from Contact Tracing efforts and calls to Epidemiologists and/or Health Educators as necessary. The selected candidate is responsible for gathering details about each contact of an ill individual (case) identified during the course of a public health case investigation. Information collected for each contact includes, but is not limited to: basic demographics, potential exposures to the known case(s), current health status (including an assessment for current symptoms consistent with illness), and screening for membership in a high-risk group (e.g., healthcare workers, residents of congregate care settings). Contact tracers collaborate with Epidemiologists and Health Educators by providing up to date data from contact tracing calls. The employee follows established policies and procedures for all contact tracing functions and activities. QUALIFICATIONS: - Understanding of the medical terms and principles of exposure, infection, infectious period, potentially infectious interactions, symptoms of the disease, pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic infection. - Basic skills of crisis counseling, and the ability to confidently refer patients and contacts for further care if needed. - Knowledge of or coursework in medical terminology. - Must be able to pass a fingerprint background screening Pay will depend on experience but range from $25.00-$35.00/hour paid out on a weekly basis!



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