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Beaumont Health - Breast Oncology Clinical Research Fellowship

Breast Oncology Clinical Research Fellowship The Breast Oncology Clinical Research Fellowship in the Division of Breast Surgery at the Beaumont Hospital- Royal Oak campus is a 12-month funded fellowship dedicated to patient related research. The research fellowship is an outstanding opportunity for those applying into any oncology related field or those interested in a career in clinical/patient-related research. Position Description The Clinical Research Fellow will be responsible for working with investigators and other trainees to develop project ideas, prepare applications for internal and extramural research support, prepare manuscripts and presentation, and submit IRB protocols. Broad responsibilities also include the prospective and retrospective management and statistical analysis of several large databases, including our own institutional database. Bio-statistical and clinical research training will be supported by the Beaumont Research Institute and a full time research coordinator. The multidisciplinary, collaborative environment and abundance of practical training provides Clinical Research Fellows with a robust knowledge of the current state of academic literature in their areas of interest within breast oncology, as well as an ability to effectively explore literature; develop new ideas; gather, manage, and analyze institutional and national data sets to answer novel hypotheses; and ultimately improve clinical care and health outcomes. At the end of the year, a Clinical Research Fellow is expected to be involved in the completion of several clinical research ideas and submit them for publication.

How To Apply

To apply for the clinical research fellowship (8/2019-7/2020), submit a letter of interest along with your CV and a letter of recommendation from a close mentor to Dr. Nayana Dekhne and CC to Blerina Pople. Individuals with an M.D., D.O. and/or Ph.D. degree and demonstrated research training are encouraged to apply.

Nayana Dekhne, MD

Telephone: 248-551-3300

Email: Nayana.Dekhne@beaumont.org

Blerina Pople, BS, CCRP

Telephone: 248-551-3533

Email: Blerina.Pople@beaumont.org


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