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Cottage Health – Internal Medicine Externships

The Internal Medicine externship appointment is for four weeks. Due to the individualized attention afforded to each extern, we accept only a limited number of students at any one time.


* Only students in their final year of medical school are eligible.

* Letters of recommendation from the Dean of the medical school (i.e., good academic standing and school recognition of externship as approved part of training)

* Evidence of Malpractice insurance coverage

* Completed application


Externs in Internal Medicine are assigned to the teaching service and work closely with the resident staff inpatient care activities in the academic program on a ward team. Patient work-ups are assigned by the senior resident for each unit team. The student will attend morning report, noon conferences and two additional teaching sessions with a member of the teaching faculty twice per week.


Housing is available free of charge for one month, but is subject to availability. Housing is reserved on a first-come first-served basis, at the time of receipt of the extern’s application. If housing is not available for the rotation dates requested, the extern must secure his or her own housing.


The Reeves Medical Library

https://www.cottagehealth.org/patients-visitors/reeves-medical-library/ is an excellent medical library with free copying and computer privileges for residents and students.


Performance will be submitted to the Dean of the extern’s medical school following completion of the externship

Please email Kim Geller at kgeller@sbch.org for more information and an application packet.



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