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How Programs Use ERAS Filters to Vet Candidates - Years Since Graduation

Years Since Graduation

There’s not much to tell you about this one and there’s really no great strategy to overcome it. The most common cut-off is 5 years since your medical school graduation. Nearly every program I’ve ever worked with has this cut-off with few exceptions. FQHC-based programs and some innovative PCP (IM or FM) programs will look beyond 5 years if you continue to maintain hands-on clinical activity in the U.S. or abroad—but Programs that will do this are rare, beautiful, and altruistic gems.


Look for rural primary care programs or scour Program website for the words “we look at the application holistically”. If you are completing a TY, TRI, or a Preliminary program and are looking for a Categorical program (not advanced PGY-2, just categorical PGY-1), any new program will be hesitant to take you due to CMS-regulations of what constitutes a “new” program. Because of this, stick to programs older than >5 years.


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