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How Programs use ERAS filters to Vet Candidates - Medical School Type

Medical School Type

There are two types of residency/fellowship recruitment strategies: enter the NRMP MATCH or abstain. A program must choose. They must go “all in” or abstain—they cannot do both. Because programs who abstain from the NRMP MATCH can still use ERAS, they are forced to filter out U.S.-based and LCME-accredited schools.

For those of you who read that sentence and are picking up what I’m laying down--yes, this does mean that programs who abstain from the NRMP MATCH (e.g., go outside the match) will be primarily pursuing IMG and DO candidates.

For programs participating in the NRMP MATCH, they use the medical school type filter for a variety of reasons including but not limited to:

(1) Program Director preference,

(2) Department Chair preference,

(3) attempts at maintaining a certain quotient by medical school type (U.S. MDs v. D.Os. v. IMGs).

It all depends really and, honestly, it is what it is. Looking broadly out into the GME space, University-based or University-affiliated programs will be within the NRMP MATCH and they’ll be looking to maintain a greater percentile of U.S. MDs.


If you are an Osteopathic or International Medical School graduate previously unmatched, target programs who will not be participating in the MATCH. If you are a recent graduate of a U.S. Based or otherwise LCME-accredited medical school, do not apply to programs who are abstaining from the MATCH.


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