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Mount Sinai Medical Center - The International Post Graduate Observership Course

International Observership Course

The International Post Graduate Observership Course is offered on a year-round basis and consists of courses of observership in three specialty areas. This program will offer participating physicians four weeks of intense observer activity in the area of their choice. Participants will be able to observe patient care as it is rendered by attendings and housestaff and will participate in discussions, patient-oriented conferences, and other didactic sessions. Participants are not permitted to have any direct patient care or writing in the medical record, and will have the status of Observers.

Registration is strictly limited to assure a meaningful experience for those enrolled in this program. Selected on the basis of availability and previous experience in the specialty area of their choice, applicants will be notified about the status of their application within six weeks of receipt of their complete application, including registration fee and supporting documents. Pathology/Laboratory Medicine, Internal Medicine (allopathic) and Infectious Diseases applications are subject to a secondary review and final approval is made by the course director in the chosen clinical area. The registration fee will only be charged if accepted into the program. The courses start every first Monday of the month and a certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the four-week course. Because of limited spaces on our courses, we recommend you send your application at least 90 days in advance to the starting date of your choice. Please note that no course fees will be refunded for cancellations.

Objectives Upon completion of this course, participating physicians will be acquainted with the latest medical developments in the specialty area of their choice.

USMLE SCORES REQUIRED A minimum score of 220 is required on Steps 1, 2 and 3 (if taken) –. No exceptions will be made to this minimum requirement.

Language The courses will be offered in English. Therefore, it is necessary that the applicant have sufficient knowledge of the English language in order to be eligible for admission into the program.